You can fix his code, but can you fix his FAILING MARRIAGE? 

Controls: Spacebar / WASD (when you unlock it) 

Programmers occasionally talk to Rubber Ducks about their engineering challenges in a process called "Rubber Duck Debugging." You're the Rubber Duck to a particularly insecure programmer with a little more than engineering problems.

* Made in 48 hours for the Global Game Jam  - full, polished version coming soon 


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Developer here. Some [] brackets and some function change the speed of the game. not intended. if it changes, refresh! (sorry) (ill remove this comment if i ever fix it lol) (edit: it's fixed!) 

anyway, i did the writing and production. hope y'all enjoy! (and no, the gf was not cheating. it's all in the programmer's head) 

Hey man, thats for the player to decide for themselves. We don't know whether the gf was cheating or not!!!!